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  • Sales acceleration
    Sales acceleration has never

    been so efficient!

    Customer Acquisition
    & Retention, Simplified

  • digital marketing
    Save upto 50% of
    digital marketing cost

    See the difference in the first
    2 months itself

  • AI software generate leads
    Let our Artificial Intelligence (AI) software generate leads
    like magic and accelerate your business

    Orbyo Intelligence

  • Intelligence Platform
    Use Geo Targeting to
    grow your business

    Location Based
    Intelligence Platform

what we do

Acceleration of Sales by Intelligent Empowerment of enterprises
IIM Bangalore aluminus and Industry experts with 2+ decades working experience with INTEL, SAS etc.
Majority of visitors on most website will be anonymous. Our 4 line HTML code turns them into leads- like magic!
We offer services for proactive brand reputation marketing, making sure we positively impact your digital visibility.
Our context sensitive content feature helps turn your website into a highly sophisticated intelligence platform.
The business ready platform with built in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Predictive Analytics capability. Delivers AI powered user experience for customers. Empowers employees & management with real time intelligent notifications with actionable insights. Proven in Accelerating Sales.


Add just 4 lines of our code on to your digital assets like websites and reap value starting from the first month.
Often, large investments on marketing campaigns go unaccounted. Our intelligence plugins uncover insights and provide real time recommandations to sales team. The AI powered components provide context sensitive widgets, there by providing UX and thus enhancing conversions. We call this Intelligent Empowerment.

AI Powered User Experience

LeadIcon Technologies is able to make sure repeat users of your website get a different user experience every time they visit your website

Revolutionary Marketing Tools

LeadIcon empowers its customers with the ability to execute their marketing strategy with highly specific self-help marketing tools, ensuring they achieve the sales acceleration they deserve.

Intelligent Insights with Analytical Dashboard

Custom built for each department head in the organisation. For example CMO gets to see patterns to optimise marketing spend, customer lifeline etc. Where as COO gets insights into operational efficiency.
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Leads Generation

Get a great deal on an AI powered platform to maximise conversions and accelerate sales!


Based on NEED analysis, apt COMPONENTS are proposed for each customer
dynamic content

Whistles for dynamic

Whistles are an Orbyo exclusive
feature to help you generate
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AI Powered

AI Powered
User Experience

Whether your website is built
by LeadIcon or you have
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Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

One of the most integral aspects
of developing your business
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The majority of visitors on your
website will be anonymous
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Geo Targeting


Geo targeting and geo-data
visualisation is another fantastic
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Optimising Marketing

Marketing Spend

Our analytical dashboards helps
track returns on investment
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our services

Successful Usecases

How we help you grow your business and accelerate sales

LeadIcon Team

Meet the people who make all of this possible!
team biju
Spearhead in Consulting, Advisory to Industry & Academia incl. IIMs
Strategy & Execution in-Charge @LeadIcon

Biju Panicker


team shaji
Enterprise Architect with Management expertise
UI & Service delivery @LeadIcon

Shaji CR


team john
Business Development
Business Development @LeadIcon



team arun
Technology Connoisseur - Java Platform
Product development @LeadIcon

Arun PV

Staff Engineer

team raghunath
Senior faculty - Corporate Strategy & Policy, IIM Bangalore
Guide & Advisory @LeadIcon

Prof. S. Raghunath

Independent Director

team bala
UI & UX Customization
UI & UX Development @LeadIcon

Balagurunathan G

Jr. Staff Engineer

team avinash
Technology - Java Platform
Technology - Java Platform @LeadIcon

Avinash BB

Jr. Staff Engineer

team elango
Expertise in UI Designing
Customer Experience & UI Designer @LeadIcon

Elango Boopalan


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