Accelerate Sales


To bridge the gap between large tech companies and conventional businesses; to use this bridge to enable businesses to be strengthened and intelligently empowered by advances in technology rather than being disrupted by it.


Using our web analytics platform to enable actionable insights into conversions, by helping clients generate leads and close sales.

Core Differentiator

AI Powered User Experience

LeadIcon Technology is able to make sure repeat users of your website get a different user experience every time they visit your website: this experience is tailored to that specific user, by intelligently displaying content based on that users online behaviour. This AI powered UX is aimed at maximising conversions and significantly accelerating sales.

Revolutionary Marketing Tools

LeadIcon gives our customers the ability to manipulate highly specific marketing tools, ensuring they achieve the sales acceleration they need.

This includes features such as our automated social media marketing tools, in which quality content is automatically posted onto your company’s social media handles (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) without you having to manually post these updates yourself. This has the double benefit of keeping your social media updated (which is essential if you want to build your brand's online presence, as well as to show customers that you take your business seriously), while also linking your website to these posts in order to increase traffic to your website.

Our platform for engagement and marketing has features as diverse as automated lead allocation to enhance your sales team, automated updates for greater digital visibility, and one of our best offerings: a Smart Dashboard. The smart dash is an enterpriser's dream: offering insights, tools like a to do task list, smart calendars and more, we can help you intelligently estimate the right time for engaging with your customers as well as the right type of engagement, giving you the ability to better allocate resources and increase your marketing returns.

Intelligent Insights with Added Security

Our location based services can detect a web users location accurate to 2-3 meters; our database can gather accurate information about your clients based on their online behaviour and other inputs and analyse this data for you to help you generate leads and close sales. However, our secure https site keeps this information private, so that you don’t need to worry about your users information being compromised and your brand being affected by data leaks. Our extra layer of security will help make sure your clients know you and your services can always be trusted.